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Roses aren't red...

Roses was green,

the water was blue,

we went to Roses

and so should you!

We fell in love with Rose's bay located on the Costa Brava, in Catalonia, Spain (just south of the French boarder). Maybe it was due to the coastline that reminded us so much of home...isolated beaches, uninhibited coast and only a handful of people on the beach.

After spending a night in Peniscola we headed north to Rose's bay via the port city of Tarragona. We chose this lunch pit stop to explore its ancient Roman Amphitheater that faces out to the Mediterranean sea. This turned out to be the perfect lunch/swim spot to split up the long drive up.

Our evening destination was located in Rose's national park, Cala Pelosa beach. An isolated spot that can only be reached by a narrow rocky dirt road via the town of Montjoi.

But before you leave civilization and start exploring the national park you must visit Roses old town center to eat your fill of seafood Paella...well it was on Dan's MUST DO list before we jumped the boarder to France. After countless research Dan narrowed down the town's best paella too: Casa Paco restaurant. From Dan's enthusiastic 'eating noises' (that he proudly inherits from his family), I guessed he wasn't left disappointed...those crustaceans stood no chance.

We explored the town's lively side streets and busy beach boulevard before the sunset. We strategically time to always arrive at our night destination before night falls as Gary's high beams are more like weak candles.

Casa Pelosa turned out to be a great evening spot with only two other vans parked up for the night. We felt spoiled to 'almost' have this beach to ourselves and in an European summer this is the best we can hope for.

One evening and morning was not enough. We left wanting more and sad to leave Spain. Gary wasn't in our good books for a small crack that had appeared in his windscreen (Dan and I had nothing to do with it of course), but as we crossed the boarder we were reminded quickly why we love France. Merci France pour ton vin et ton fromage.

Happy travelling,

Bidi & Dan

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