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Koros & Jandals on the Coromandels

Rugged coasts, greenlip mussels, beautiful beaches, sunsets, feijoas (what!?), native bush, boutique beers, fish & chips... the quintessential Kiwi bach and summer spot... introducing the Coromandel Peninsula.

A place where only jandals are accepted, as you transverse amongst the Koros and Kauris while cruising along state highway 25.

There's so much to do on this beautiful peninsula. So here's a snapshot of a few of our favourites. It's by no means exhaustive, so if you have time, be sure to explore all corners of this beautiful part of the world.

  1. Thames Wharf – fish straight out of the ocean, lightly battered and served with chips. What more could one want?

  2. Waiomu Cafe – recharge your Telsa or recharge your stomach. The coffee is top class and the spirals sell out quickly!

  3. The Mussel Kitchen – Dan's favourite place on earth. Try the famous Greenlip Mussel Pot with Thai Green Curry, it's amazing!

  4. Driving Creek Cafe – a local buddhist cafe in the heart of the Coromandel. So good.

  5. New Chums Beach – an undeveloped slice of heaven. A short walk along the coast from Whangapoua. TIP: Try and time the low tide for the easiest experience crossing the Whangapoua beach estuary.

  6. Kuaotunu Store – massive old school ice-creams on a cone at a reasonable price! Goodie goodie gumdrops, hokey pokey, orange choc-chip and all the classics.

  7. Luke's Kitchen – pizza's and craft beer. The ginger beer is simply outstanding.

Ok so most of the above are food related – fresh local produce is a key part of the Coro, so when it's so freely available, I say EAT IT! If you love fish, scallops, mussels, pipis, and crayfish, then you are in HEAVEN ON EARTH. All to be enjoyed amongst the native bush with a kiwi Sauvignon Blanc, or a local craft beer.

Meanwhile there are a million beautiful walks and local camp-grounds in which you can truly immerse yourself amongst the Peninsula. For more information on where to eat, stay, travel and what to do, check out

Happy travelling,

Bidi & Dan

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