Lazing in Lake Como

After saying goodbye to our friend Phil near Milan airport, we headed northeast towards Lake Como. As Dan had only been to Sicily before, he was very excited as we were finally in mainland Italy. Bidi on the other-hand had seen most of the country 12 years earlier, albeit during a school trip. As we had been on highways most of the way up to Milan, we hadn't yet really seen the true madness of Italian drivers. However as we got close to Lake Como, the true nature of Italian "

The French Riviera

Having lived in Paris for two years, we had already spent a lot of time in the south of France thanks mainly to their awesome TGV (high-speed train) network. While we initially intended to drive directly from Spain to Italy in one day, it turned out we would be able to meet up with a good mate in Nice & Cannes. We had been trying to cross paths with Phil for awhile, who was also gallivanting around Europe (albeit mostly the east). However, given our ever-changing schedule (th